Emperor's New Clothes February 05

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes: Retold by Doug Bursch

Some people have theme verses. Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes is one of my theme children’s stories. I remember loving this story so much that I picked it as my favorite fable in second grade. As part of a class project, we were supposed to dress up like the main character of our […]

photo January 05

The Christian Internet: New Celebrity Popes, Priests and Pastors

(I wrote this piece a couple months ago in response to an editor’s request. The piece was ultimately rejected by that editor and others….which is the norm. Regardless, this week I read a statement by Bono, concerning the internet and bathroom walls, that was very similar to what I had written in this yet to […]

IMG_1177 December 21

Craig DesJardins Thematic Bible Reading Plan (2015)

Here is a great thematic Bible reading plan lovingly prepared by Craig Desjardins and printed with his permission. Enjoy a really powerful way to read your way through the Bible. 2015 Thematic Single Sheet 2015 Bible Reading Calendar

20120809-131555.jpg December 21

The Fruitcake Chronicles: Audio Version

A few years ago I wrote The Fruitcake Chronicles for a local newspaper. It’s a six part humorous Christmas story about one man’s attempt to remove Christmas from all of it’s commercial crassness. I read this short story on my radio show this week. Click and have a listen to a somewhat heartwarming and humorous […]

A Christmas Story December 08

High Praise for the 5th Avenue Theatre’s A Christmas Story: The Musical

The Holidays are a whirlwind of busyness. Consequently, I don’t have much spare time to write this review. Thankfully, I don’t really need to write that much to fully communicate what I thought of the 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of A Christmas Story: The Musical. So here I go with as few words as possible… […]

Park Boundary November 05

Essential Foundations for the Study of Christian Theology

The following are two essential foundations for the study of Christian theology: A Theology of Presence Christian theology must be rooted in the abiding presence of God. Theology done well flows from authentic relationship. God speaks, God moves, God leads and we respond. Christian theology is initiated by our resurrect Christ through the guiding power of […]

Rainbow November 03

Clay Days

Clay Days by Doug Bursch Our tomorrows are clay men waiting for the breath of God. Someday God will choose to withhold His breath from the timetable of humanity. Until then, we take this enlivened day as a gift. The dust has been formed and animated by the breath of God. So we sing, dance, […]


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