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A Private Letter to Hurting Pastors

A Private Letter to Hurting Pastors by Pastor Doug Bursch NOTE TO READER: Recently, I wrote a letter to a good friend of mine who is also a full time pastor. At the time, he was facing some really difficult relational challenges in the church he faithfully serves. I’ve decided to share a modified version […]

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21 days to pray, fast and find

From January 1st through January 21st, Evergreen Foursquare Church is sponsoring a 21 day spiritual focus called Pray, Fast and Find. The following is a handout we reviewed in church to focus our attention for the upcoming event. I encourage you to use this handout before you start your 21 day journey and also use […]

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Craig DesJardins Thematic Bible Reading Plan (2016)

I highly recommend this thematic Bible reading plan prepared by Craig Desjardins and printed with his permission. This is a really powerful and eye-opening way to read your way through the Bible. Please feel free to share with your friends and congregation. 2016 Single Sheet 2016 Bible Reading Calendar

God's Empowering Presence December 10

Gordon Fee’s God’s Empowering Presence Changed Me

(This post was originally published at Jennifer Newhart’s blog on a series concerning The Books that Read Us) Gordon Fee’s God’s Empowering Presence is a nine hundred plus page, dense theological doorstop of a book. If I hadn’t been assigned to read it twice during my Masters of Divinity work, I would never have read […]

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Favorite With A Heart Instead of a Star: Not Twitter’s Best Idea

So Twitter came up with the terrible idea to turn their favorite button into a heart emoji. I just couldn’t resist ranting about it on Twitter. The following is a curated sampling of my response to the ridiculous change. Rumor has it twitter will replace the retweet sign with a clown riding a unicorn jumping […]

Church and Pumpkin October 19

Stop Platforming Mega Church Pumpkins to Help Normal Sized Churches

Eventually there will be more church growth books and articles than people who actually attend churches. Until then, here’s one more. As a pastor, no one has to convince me to desire church growth. On the saintly reason front, I totally want to share the good news of the Gospel with anyone who has ears […]

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A Reflection on Subterranean: Rooting in Community

Dan White Jr. has written a new book called Subterranean: Why the Future of the Church is Rootedness. This post is part of the “Blog Tour” for the book. I’m focusing on Chapter 10: Rooting in Community.  When Dan White Jr. asked me to join the blog tour for his new book Subterranean: Why the […]

the Late Show September 17

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Has Room for Improvement

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert launched last week and the first shows demonstrate great promise but some weaknesses as well. As a big Colbert fan, I must admit that I’m rather biased in favor of rooting for his success. Thankfully, there is plenty to root for. – I’m glad to see Colbert has embraced […]


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