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God said, “Let there be” and we said, “No!”

In Genesis 1 we find the pattern of “Let there be. . .” and “there was. . . .” In this pattern God speaks and His creative will comes into existence. “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light” (Gen 1:3). From the mouth of God, creation comes into form. In Genesis […]

Mike McHargue of the Liturgists responds to Michael Gungor controversy

Mike McHargue (Science Mike) of the Liturgists joined me to talk about the Michael Gungor/Liturgists controversy. Recently, there has been some heated discussion concerning statements Michael Gungor and Mike McHargue made dealing with how they interpret the Bible. The response to these statements has been rather extreme in some circles. With this in mind, I […]

Bogdan Kipko August 25

My Best Thoughts on Reforming the Church

Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on Bogdan Kipko’s Fuel for Life podcast. We talked for an hour about really important topics related to reforming the Church. We looked at some troubling ideas Donald Miller has recently expressed concerning the church, we addressed the role of rebellion in ministry and I gave […]

Being-versus-Doing-e1407607531382 August 11

Being Versus Doing: Step Away From the Cliché (By Steve Crosby)

This is a great post from my friend Steve Crosby. Steve has written and spoken extensively on issues of church leadership and abuse. The following deals with the false dichotomy some make between being and doing. Being Versus Doing: Step Away From the Cliché by Steve Crosby Clichés lodge in our minds for a reason: […]

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The Letdown: Why Do I Feel Bad at the End of Good Days

The Letdown There might be a very good reason you feel down after big days. And there is a good chance is has less to do with reality and more to do with how your mind is processing reality. Don’t get me wrong, it is a real feeling you confront, but it might not be […]

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Reconciliation for Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill and Any Church Community

After reading various blogs concerning forgiveness, reconciliation, resignation and Pastor Mark Driscoll, (See Rachel Held Evans , Jonathan Merritt and Matthew Paul Turner) I decided to do a show on what true reconciliation should look like for Mars Hill, Mark Driscoll and any community dealing with broken relationships. The goal is to advocate for a […]

sick of the church August 04

Embrace the Broken Church: The Church Jesus Loves

So many respond to the Church from a place of idealized fiction. They rebuke the Church’s inability to measure up to their fantasy, unwilling to recognize that the Church is full of broken people, broken leaders and broken promises. The Church does not exist as an idealized oasis. It’s people, God and grace. God loves […]


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