photo June 13

Review of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess Touring Production at the 5th Avenue Theatre

The national touring company version of the recent Tony Award winning revival of The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess has reached the 5th Avenue Theatre. If you desire to hear powerful melodic voices sing haunting harmonies and melodies within a surprisingly complex musical drama, then buy a ticket before Porgy and Bess leave town. The choreography […]

Light within the shrubbery June 08

To My Pastor Friends: I’m Proud of You!

To my pastor friends, I know that you try really hard…you try harder than anyone really knows or even cares to know. There are areas of your calling that seem downright impossible. You stand at the edge of the assignment, consider the cost and find yourself feeling completely inadequate for the task at hand. Others […]

Fence Line May 19

My “Enlightened” Christian “Friends”

I agree with you up until the point you abandon me; the point where your theology becomes more pristine and mine more antiquated. I’m inspired by your words until they turn against me and accuse me of close-mindedness. I close my heart to you when your enlightenment labels my sacred convictions as ignorance, darkness and […]

Abiding May 14

The Eternal Submission of Women?

Some guy recently wrote a “scholarly” article arguing that women will eternally submit to men. That actually happened and I had the misfortune of reading it. Actually, I didn’t read the whole thing, just enough to irritate my esophagus. A stronger man might have made it to the end, but I couldn’t stomach it. I […]

Mister-Rogers-2 April 30

Mr. Rogers Talks to You! (A Must Listen)

I recently set aside some time to highlight some of Mr. Rogers most profound statements. Take some time to get away and listen to some audio from Mr. Rogers that you most likely have never heard. You will be encouraged.

Beach near Port Angeles April 18

The Prophet

The Prophet by Doug Bursch Whenever I catch a glimpse of you, I promise to write you down… But I seldom do, I seldom write you down. And when I try to write you down, You don’t come out right. My words take over and well… well my words take over… like now, taking over […]

cropped-cropped-img_3250.jpg April 08

The Problem with Our Current “Christian” Discourse

There are some issues the Church must address in how we communicate the Gospel in an increasingly polarizing age. The following podcast starts with my heartfelt conviction that we must change the way we communicate if we are going to reach the lost with the Gospel. I specifically addressed this show to those of you […]


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