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The Problem with Our Current “Christian” Discourse

There are some issues the Church must address in how we communicate the Gospel in an increasingly polarizing age. The following podcast starts with my heartfelt conviction that we must change the way we communicate if we are going to reach the lost with the Gospel. I specifically addressed this show to those of you […]

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Spielberg Announces E.T. Sequel

(Dateline April 1, 2014) Steven Spielberg shocked the entertainment world today by announcing he is producing a sequel to his 1982 classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Spielberg spoke to a room packed full of press and Hollywood insiders, eager to hear about the director’s, up until now, top secret project. Although rumors had run rampant, no […]

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Huffington Post Religion Section Angers Thousands of Readers!!

Huffington Post Religion section angers thousands of readers with post about normal Christian pastor doing normal Christian stuff by Doug Bursch Well, it’s the first day of April and the internet is already in an uproar concerning the Huffington Post Religion section’s most recent and extremely provocative story concerning a very ordinary Christian pastor doing […]

Beach March 22

The Voice of God

I’d like to think that when God spoke the world into existence, it sounded more like a melody and less like a command, more like a song than an instruction. We try to make the way we communicate truth hierarchical. We give the sermon precedence over the song, the doctrine authority over simple heartfelt tears; […]

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Is Your Spiritual House in Ruins?

Too often, we present faith as the acceptance of theological distinctives, rather than the embrace of an eternal relationship. Sometimes we are more concerned with right thinking than right abiding. With this in mind, I’d like you to consider the condition of your relationship with Jesus. More specifically, what does your spiritual house look like? […]

Clown Break March 10

My Crusader Friend

My Crusader Friend by Doug Bursch I’m more concerned with your weapon than your target. The way you aim and pull the trigger before you turn, smile and wink in my direction. Today we’re friends, but what of tomorrow? What if my words contrast your certainty? Will you throw me into the camp of infidels […]

按着圣灵,而不是根据肉 (According to the Spirit, Not According to the Flesh)

The Following is a test. I’ve google translated one of my most popular posts in Chinese. Don’t worry, the remainder of my posts will be in english. 罗马书8:5-11 ( ESV ) (5节) “对于那些按肉体谁住设置他们的头脑对肉体的事,随从圣灵谁住在圣灵的事设定他们的想法。 ” 为了理解罗马书8要看短语的全面影响“按着圣灵” (字pneuma )和“按肉体” (字sarka )是很重要的。圣经的某些版本如NIV翻译肉( SARKA )为“罪恶的本性。 ”虽然有人肯定能理解这段经文的基本意图用这个翻译,我不认为它带出的希腊短语的全部含义。因此,我觉得这个词“肉”是一个比更好的翻译“罪性”。 新约学者戈登·费给出了这样的定义为“按肉体说, ”在肉身活着,人类的状况“之前和基督之外。 ”走在肉身活着,走我们自己的,基督的救赎工作以外,外圣灵的力量。无论我们做看似高尚的事物或令人难以置信的“邪恶”的东西,如果他们与神的关系之外完成的,他们在肉体完成。 问题不在于我们的肉体是否有罪的,问题是我们的骨肉无权释放我们。我们的肉体不能拯救我们,我们的肉体不能做出正确的事情,我们的肉体不能恢复与神的关系,我们的肉体不能给我们基督的心,和我们的肉体不能给我们带来的喜悦,和平,爱和满足我们常常渴望。 认为走在肉体为未插入墙上的一盏灯。无论是好灯或灯坏并不重要。重要的是,它是从它需要发光的电分离。在基督里,借着圣灵,我们闪耀!基督之外,我们是黑暗。这段经文是很容易理解在这方面。你觉得一整天?如果你是每天收听并屈从于上帝的圣灵,那么你是一个人“根据”精神谁住。 “不过,如果你每天设置你的心灵上的生活,几乎是无效的神的影响力,那么你活”根据肉“ 。 (第6节) “要在体贴肉体的,就是死,但设置的头脑上的精神是生命,平安。 (第7节)对于设置在肉体的心灵是敌对的神,因为不服神的律法,事实上,它不能。 (8节)这些谁属肉体的人不能得神的喜悦“ 。 当面临一个问题,我们有一种倾向,把我们最好的智力或体力精力投入到运动。我们利用最好的在我们的“肉体”来完成这项工作。有时,如果我们觉得我们没有什么需要处理的问题,如果我们觉得我们的“肉”是太弱,我们放弃或绝望。 […]


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